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icons by an evil genius.
03 27 11 - K8 Designs
finding nemo } vomit.
I've launched my very own design site! :D I offer a special LiveJournal package, of course, so please check it out! And maybe order something? ;) Anyone who follows this community that places an order gets a $1 discount! Just put your username in the comments section of the order form.

lots } feeeelings.
This is the official fanmix for Through This Night, a lotsbigbang by morgenwrites. It's more of a mini-mix, since there's only five songs, but each one has a special connection to the story and to Richard and Kahlan's relationship.

WARNING: This post contains spoilers for the story!

Back Under The Stars: The Official Through This Night FanmixCollapse )

lots } seekhair.
I've participated in my very first Big Bang competition! I signed up to do the art for morgenwrites' story for lotsbigbang, Through This Night. The story is amazing and lovely and wonderful; her characterizations for everyone are completely spot-on. Which is pretty much the norm when it comes to Morgen's Legend of The Seeker fic. ;)

If you think this art is even half as good as the story itself I'll feel beyond awesome.

WARNING: Art contains spoilers for the story!

THROUGH THIS NIGHT: Art MasterpostCollapse )

stock } love rocks.
WARNING: The Kick-Ass icons are unapologetically, 100% Hit Girl; and there's adult language in a few of them.

[001-015] Bridget Regan (with a special guest appearance by Craig Horner!)
[016-019] Dianna Agron
[020-043] Beastly
[044-061] Kick-Ass Hit Girl


my bad reputation.Collapse )
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